Can’t grow a beard?

Can’t grow a beard?

Neither could I. A year ago I would have said I can’t grow a beard. I kept scruff because I liked the look but every time I would try to grow it out I would fail miserably. Leading me to believe that I “cant grow a beard” for years of my life. 

As I debated on shaving late November last year a friend of mine who I always knew had a killer beard said go get some beard oil! What’s that, beard oil you say? Like oil for your car but for your beard? He said YESSS! Grab some and watch how much it helps. 

So naturally I went where most of us men go for our grooming supplies, aisle 6 at “W*llmart” and picked up the only “Beard Oil” on the shelf. I immediately realized the lack of options or help for us guys but decided I could figure this out, how hard could it be right? 

That’s when the application started. Ohhhhhhh the mess. How many drops is too much, or not enough? How much is even making it on my beard after it rubs all over my hands too. And then what do I do with my oily hands after wards?

These problems have faced us men for years. Many men get beard oil and then hate using it for this reason. Some just leave it in the cabinet but those that push through the annoyance have helped pave the way and explain that all the process is worth it. The oil will help with the itchy phase, and after all that is when 90% of men shave it.

I got there this time and tried beard oil. It helped but between the mess and spills I realized there was a broke process somewhere and checked to find a company that made applying beard oil easier. Someone that made a brush with the beard oil and even maybe a comb built in. Something you could take on the go, to your friends house, in the car, on the bus, into the restaurant, over to grandmas.. you get the point. A brush that made growing a beard easier. But no one made anything like that. 

This is where the Avocado Beard Brush was born. A brush that helps your beard grow? And helps your hands stay clean and no oil on them? A brush that you can stick in your pocket and always makes people happy to see it. A brush so unique and different that you can’t help but say “what the Avocado”? 

Spray the oil, brush in your beard and you're done. No mess. Easy as ABC. Avocado Beard Co. Then if you want everything you need for your beard care join the Better Beard Club and FEED YOUR BEARD with us @

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