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Avocado Beard Co

The Club: Beard

The Club: Beard

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Simply go to your mail box and transform your beard into an active growth machine. Thicken your beard follicles to strengthen your beard without the itch while also softening your surrounding skin. Your beard will no longer be a beginners beard, you will have an Avocado Soft beard. Delivered when you need it. FEED YOUR BEARD. 

What You Get Innitially:
Avocado Beard Brush
With 1 oz Beard Oil

$43 value!!

What You Get Following Months:
Each month we will send you a monthly supply of either:

1 oz refill sprayers Better Beard Oil

2 oz SOFT Beard Butter 

2 oz TAMED Beard Balm


4 oz Beard wash

+ beard swag and awesome samples etc. 

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