Where do I start?


Start growing a beard


Cliff notes: 

Avocado Beard Brush: simplifies beard life with an all in one beard brush, oil and pick

Beard oil: moisturize, soften, promotes growth, alleviates itchy, dry skin issues

Beard Butter: moisturize, soften and provide a little style

Beard Balm: Moisturize, style and hold

Beard Goo: All in one. Simplifies life a lot. (And its in a squirt tube.)

Full Version:

First off, it’s ok not to know how to properly take care of your beard. We didn’t either at one point. Now we are here to help simplify it for you. The most important aspect to growing a good beard is properly moisturizing and stimulating the beard hair and follicles. This is most effectively done with Beard oil and a great place to start for a beginner bearded brother. Beard oil should be your go-to for itchy, dry issues as well as promoting growth and keeping your wife from complaining about how prickly it is as you grow it out. 

A lot of guys start with a balm because it stands out on them, we don’t suggest this during the early phases of growth. Instead use oil and brush it out or down daily. This is the best way to moisturize and get through the hardest part of your beard journey. “The awkward phase” where it doesn’t look good. Period, it looks a little unkept and wiry and wild…use beard oil, brush it and let it grow. Too many guys cut or trim off at this point and thats where you lose valuable length and consistent growth. 

If its too crazy and you need to tame it a little butter or beard goo would be our next suggestion at this phase. 

Beard Butter can be used for a multitude of things, from moisturizing and softening to giving a little style as well. It can be applied instead of beard oil once your beard is a little longer and can absorb and hold more than just the oil. You can use beard butter as a night time conditioner as well, just apply a small amount before bed and let it do the work in your sleep for you. 

Beard Balm is kind of like a hair balm for your beard. It provides the most hold other than a wax or a paste. Some will leave your beard hair a little harder so you don’t want to use too much or too early in your beard process. Our favorite trick with balm is to apply a small amount as a finisher after the beard oil is brushed in. This helps tame the flyaways and crazy hairs and adds a little hold. 

Last but not least is our hybrid of all three of these, we call it Green Beard Goo. It is literally a oil, butter, and a balm all in one. And can help simplify your beard regiment. We recommend waiting on this til your beard is at least 1/2 inch but it can be used earlier than most balms because it is lighter and will properly moisturize your beard as well.